Taciturn formed in 2006 to enable the dancers to share skills and ideas, as well as to showcase the talents of local artists. Their aim is to create vibrant and diverse works that will have wide appeal and inspire young dancers.

Taciturn have performed at the Leap Festival in Liverpool, The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester and as part of the British Dance Edition Fringe event 2008, organised by local artists. Taciturn have performed repeatedly at Cloud Dance Festival, and we are thrilled to welcome them back for their fifth festival!

Performing on Sunday 24 July

A turn or two (inspired by Liz Aggiss)

Love, loss and life
3 separate sharings

Names of all Performers/ choreographer: Jennifer Hale

Short Biography

My name is Jennifer Hale.  Jennie to most people.  I am 27 and live and work in Liverpool.

I am a quarter of dance company, taciturn, set up in 2007 by myself and three other local artists.  We create performance work for indoors and out, to entertain (the audience and ourselves). 

I am a member of MDI’s community dance team, teaching and working with people of all ages and abilities.  I have also been part of projects performing with MDI such as The Migrant Body, taking me to Europe and last year the Lea Anderson commission.

I trained at London Contemporary between 2001 and 2005 including a year as part of Edge postgraduate performance company.



Photos copyright Mikah Smillie, James Rowbotham, Peter Hallam and Jui-Wei Hung