b_500_450_16777215_00_images_stories_firefly_soldans_soldans_press.jpg Sol Dans is the UK's premier contemporary jazz dance company. Sol Dans was founded in 2007 by American choreographer Melody Squire as a platform to facilitate the creation of new dance works with her peers. Since its formation, Sol Dans Company has performed at some of the UK's most prestigious platforms including Resolution! at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre, Lilian Baylis Theatre at Sadlers Wells and with Cloud Dance Festival at Jacksons Lane, People Show Studios, Pleasance Theatre and Cochrane Theatre. Sol Dans Company continues to capture audience’s imaginations by delivering performing art that is accessible to the public.

Performing: Friday 22 July


In a deprived economic climate, the evil Rumplestilskin has wrecked havoc on the fairy tale community. No one seems to be spared from his greed, causing the demise of many including The Girl With No Hands and Little Red Riding Hood.

If the news is correct, it is up to The Bremen Town Musicians to save the forest.

Will they do it in time?

Choreography: Melody Squire
Dancers: Elizabeth Chong, Gede Foster, Oliver Freeston, James Jenkins, Helen Roche, Michael Sherlock, Melody Squire, Tom Woods
Music composed by Brvnjes
Main photo copyright: James Rowbotham

website: www.soldanscompany.com