Slanjayvah Danza, formed in 2004 by Artistic Director and choreographer Jenni Wren, is a contemporary dance theatre company which produces high quality, professional creative works.

The choreographies and direction of Jenni Wren are what drive Slanjayvah Danza to create unique and innovative productions. Inspirationally, Wren fuses a variety of dance styles, and calls on a diversity of alternative artistic practices, that help convey narratives any audience can relate to.  In particular, Slanjayvah Danza uses the integration of choreography and digital media for both film and live stage productions.

Performing: Friday 22 July & Saturday 23 July


Lunar-tic explores induced experiences of what some may call "craziness", whether euphoric or demonic and the transition from one state to the other.

An awakening, the change, the passing and the re-generation... the awakening, the change …

Choreographed & performed by Jenni Wren



Photos copyright Brian Slater