b_500_450_16777215_00_images_stories_firefly_bermange_180794_10150407368185198_556845197_17527850_154860_n[1].jpg Richard Bermange has been working primarily as a dancer since graduating from Central School of Ballet in 2005. He has worked mostly with classical ballet companies all over the world; this has been key to develping his choreographic style. Richard has been creating work for both student and professional performances for around 10 years, though his work couldn’t be described as strictly classical or neo-classical he often works 'en pointe' and draws reference to the classical technique. He enjoys working with a variety of dancers from varying dance backgrounds and often approched new work with a collaborative aspect.

Performing: Sunday 24 July


Virus was first shown in Resolution 2011; the piece is for 6 dancers and explores our innate susceptability to the pull of viral ideas.  An upbeat and fast-flowing work with a diverse and energetic sound track.

Choreographer: Richard Bermange
Dancers: Lucy Lowndes, Vasiliki Stasinaki, Naomi Cook, Bianca Hopkins, Brice Asnar, Corey Baker
Photo copyright: Alicia Clarke