b_500_450_16777215_00_images_stories_firefly_identico_253709_10150200039111035_508106034_7725876_7895433_n.jpg .identiti.co was formed in 2011 by four graduates of mapdance (2009, Chichester University) postgraduate performance company. We came together this year to form .identiti.co through a shared love of movement, improvisation and desire to further stretch our physical limitations and emotional boundaries. Feeding off each others energy and creativity, we aim to test the depths of movement, offer the unexpected and give the audience an opportunity to find their own connections to dance. Our company name identiti.co makes reference to the development of our first major collaboration, through which we have begun to mold together as one discovering our own unique style and finding our identity as an emerging company in the dance world.

Performing: Sunday 24 July


Four bodies moving in the space, playing with the unexpected, feeding off each others energy and sensations, and exploring the group dynamic of quartet, trio, duet and solo. This piece experiments with gesture and free flowing movement, creating material which unfolds and folds into itself.

Choreographed by: .identi.co
Performed by: Sarah Chalmers, Alexia D'Amato, Sami Russell