Gerrard Martin has toured nationally with Phoenix Dance Company, as well as dancing with Ballet Black, Union Dance Company, Aletta Collins Dance Company and Sakoba Dance Theatre. Apart from modelling and film engagements, Gerrard has also danced for the National Theatre (Mappa Mundi), English National Opera (The Faery Queen), The Royal Opera (Don Giovanni) and with many commercial artists or bands, including Lionel Ritchie, Misteeq, Jamelia, Eternal, Shola Ama and Shaggy.

Gerrard is an Associate Artist at UK Foundation for Dance.



'D-llusion' explores perceptions of body-image seen through a young woman's eyes. As she battles with her psyche she percieves herself through media sound-bites and through her 'mirror image'. An unheatlhy obsession with her reflected image results in her image being distorted. Is the reflection in the mirror an apparition, a psychological nemesis; is the image real, or a figment of a delusional mind?

Choreographer: Gerrard Martin
Dancers: Vanessa Abreu and Claire Talbot



Rehearsal video of D-Ilusion