b_500_450_16777215_00_images_stories_firefly_ella_FL_EDD2_138.jpg Through my work since graduating from Laban in 2004 I have been exploring movement generated from personal stories, presenting them in public pedestrian areas. I seek to generate physically challenging work that uncovers the unique dialogue between the mind, our environment and our bodies.

Commisions include Troupe for Nike iD made and performed in Niketown Oxford Circus, Creative Partnerships, Shoreditch Festival and Step It Out - Circus Space's BA show at Watch This Space at The National Theatre.

Performing: Sunday 24 July


SHE is physical piece exploring the way our confidence and insecurites shape our actions. Three dancers explore their own personal stories whilst reflecting common thoughts and experiences. Navigating people who stand and sit dormantly within the space, the women merge and pull away from each other as they travel through the language they have created.

The piece is site specific and originally conceived as a film, using the furniture and the purpose of the space to inform the movement.

Choreographer: Ella Robson Guilfoyle
Dancers: Jade Yung, Gabrielle Boyd, Ella Robson Guilfoyle
Photo copyright: Francis Loney