Diciembre Dance Group was founded in 2008 by Lucía Piquero to bring together artists from different backgrounds and disciplines with the aim of using dance as a tool for expression. Musician and composer Alberto García has been a close collaborator from the beginning of the project. Since then, DDG has grown to include co-directors Sara Accettura and Lisa Maiello, and a range of dancers. Choreographies by Lucía Piquero have been performed in different festivals around the UK and in Spain. DDG has also started to present work from other choreographers, such as co-director Sara Accettura and Andrea Santato.

Performing: Friday 22 July

Lewis After Wonderland

Based on Lewis Carroll's poem "A Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky", this piece considers the life of the writer after "Alice in Wonderland" and after Alice herself (the real Alice). He recognises that she "haunts" him, and we want to explore the idea that his past artistic achievement is appearing to him in his later life as some kind of burden, as well as the posibility of Alice as an idea of childhood, of youth, chasing him when his own childhood is so far away. What happened to Alice after her trip down the rabbit hole? What happens to all of us when we abandon our Wonderlands and grow up?

Choreographed & performed by Lucía Piquero and Andrea Santato


Photos of Anthem: Absence copyright Mikah Smillie