Charlie Dixon Dance Company (CDDC) is a dynamic contemporary company based in London, under the artistic direction and choreography of Charlie Dixon. New to the scene CDDC emphasises on highly technical and intricate movement, creating individuality and a high energy powered style.

Manipulating the body to create newfangled visually pleasing material, pushing limits to the max with explosive bodily movement and precise human interaction.

Performing: Friday 22 July

Wise Man

‘Wise man’ delves and explores themes of Charles Darwin theories on evolution; a ‘fight for survival’. This highly demaning animalistic piece is full of energy but with many hidden details and qualities to explore.

5 dancers journey of a fight for existence, relationships of species intertwinned and technically demanding.’

Choreographer: Charlie Dixon
Dancers: Chris Goodwin, Rob Keates, Charlotte Pook, Matt Sandiford and Connie Voglmayr
Photo copyright Kyle Stevenson