Tempered Body Dance Company  Tempered Body Dance Company is a London-based dance collective, a multi-national nexus of choreographers and performers drawn from the full breadth of the dance spectrum, collaborating with established artists from extra-dance disciplines.

Founded in '07 by Canadian choreographer Magdalene Wynne-Jones, Tempered Body Dance Company aims to harness the creative energy generated by the fusion of diverse individual constituents and channel it toward original, thought-provoking and emotively powerful performance pieces.

website: www.temperedbody.com



Tag Along

Tag Along is a glimpse into the obsession for complete fusion, a love affair guided by sensuality and violence, passionate need for that which destroys. Choreographed by Magdalene Wynne-Jones and danced by members of the company, Tag Along opens the window to a disturbing and deceptive union gripped by the full body consumption of total devotion.

Choreography: Magdalene Wynne-Jones
Dancers: Johnny Autin, Melanie Simpson


Photos from Not Me Now