Taciturn  The Taciturn dancers have performed with a number of leading companies, including DV8, Common Ground and M6 Theatre Company. Their international experience has involved work with the Migrant Body Project and Canadian choreographer Estelle Clareton. All the dancers have a wealth of experience in dance education, teaching for companies such as Ludus Dance, Merseyside Dance Initiative and at institutions including the Liverpool Community College and John Moores University.

 The company formed in 2006 to enable the dancers to share skills and ideas, as well as to showcase the talents of local artists. Their aim is to create vibrant and diverse works that will have wide appeal and inspire young dancers.

Taciturn have performed at the Leap Festival in Liverpool, The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester and as part of the British Dance Edition Fringe event 2008, organised by local artists.

Taciturn has also been working alongside Tom Roden - formerly director of the Air Dance Company, Tom is now the co-director of New Art Club. Their shows have toured extensively in Europe, America and Asia to critical and popular acclaim.


website: www.taciturn.co.uk



If it can be broken, it can be fixed.


"We started in December when we couldn't imagine the daylight would ever come back and Jenna told us she wanted to go home, Michelle explained everything clearly and even though none of us understood her we all knew what she meant. We listened to music and watched each other dancing, we all stopped still and Smithy walked away and when we came back it was a new year and everything was the same but everything was different. Jenny's cat went missing and then we came here today. What's left is a few dances, each one with a title, most about the length of a pop song. They have two things in common, a pause and a spoken introduction. I hope you enjoy them."
Tom Roden, January 24th 2008

Choreographer: Tom Roden with material made by the dancers
Dancers: Jenny Rees, Jennifer Smith, Michelle Brady, Jenna Jungbluth.