Spiltmilk Dance  Spiltmilk Dance was formed in 2006 by Sarah Devlin and Adele Wragg whilst completing their studies at Coventry University and the company is now based between Sheffield and Birmingham. Their debut piece ‘5 Dances’ has been performed at a number of national dance platforms and after recently receiving support from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, has undergone an extensive revision process. In July 2008, the revised version of ‘5 Dances’ was performed as part of Buxton Festival Fringe receiving great acclaim from both audiences and critics.

website: spiltmilkdance.co.uk





Snake is taken from Spiltmilk’s ‘5 Dances’ project which literally takes the form of 5 short dances. Each dance is inspired in some way by key concepts drawn from the life and work of Andy Warhol. The key influence for Snake came from Warhol’s notion of using repetition on an absurd scale. This is highlighted by the constant pathway of the movement and the repetition of each phrase by multiple dancers. 


Snake has received Buxton Festival's coveted award for dance. 



Choreographer: Sarah Devlin and Adele Wragg
Dancers: Sarah Devlin, Lily Hayward-Smith, Jenna Hubbard, Laura O'Brien, Karan Rai, Bernadette Woods, Adele Wragg