Sezdrenah Dance Theatre  Sezdrenah Dance Theatre is an emerging company formed in 2007, based in London, whose founders are 2003 graduates of DeMontfort University (University of Bedfordshire). Their aim is to entertain, educate and promote performance as an expressive art form and to create opportunities for performers to showcase themselves and their work. Sezdrenah Dance Theatre is focused on producing performances that touch your senses and bring flavor back to the contemporary stage, and to bring theatre goers and non theatre goers together as an audience.

The strength of the company comes mainly from the diversity within individuals in the company, there are trained ballet dancers, African and Caribbean, Jazz and Hip Hop dancers, tight rope performers, physical theatre/actors all bringing their skills under one umbrella with one goal in mind and that is to create a distinctive style of contemporary dance theatre.






“Can you be totally yourself within a relationship or is it inevitable that one has to compromise, and contain part of themselves to achieve fulfilment?”
The idea for the duet came from a personal perceptive, the question of ever meeting the 'soul mate', wither a friendship/relationship. Where both are totally themselves and the partnership developing successfully, or is it inevitable that one has to compromise and contain part of themselves in order to achieve a successful partnership. Is this then your true 'soul mate'?

‘Soul’ is in working progress.

Choreography: Sera Adetoun Akinbiyi
Dancers: Adrian Falconer, Sera Adetoun Akinbiyi
Music: Nitin Sawney: 'footsteps', 'Breathing Light' remixed by Jamie Falconer