MOxie BrAwL  MOxie BrAwL was formed in 2006 at The Space in Dundee by Sarah Blanc and Katie and Finn Miller as we wanted to create a space where we as dancers/artists/video makers could find a common ground and create work. We had very successful residency at Dance Base in Edinburgh and the work we began to create  there we developed for our first show at the Space Syudio Theatre in November 2006. where we premiered three new works. “Iv Never Seen a Cat Live 9 lives”, a group piece by choreographed by Sarah Blanc, ‘Dance My Daisy Up!’, a dance film by Finn Miller. ‘Saltwater’, a duet by Katie Miller.

In 2007 we invited Angus Balbernie to choreograph on the mOxie where we created a quartet and performed at The Space, Dundee and at Dance Base Studio Theatre in Edinburgh as a works in Progress which we will be finishing  in early 2009.



Didn't You Know


 This is a new work created during a residency at Clarence Mews during the summer 2008.

The dancers take the audience on a journey of uncertainty and anxt, With the feeling of calmness being the goal of which they strive for. The battle between the 2 (uncertainty and calmness) is what I find interesting about the piece. The atmosphere it creates is uneasy but yet very textured, which seems to becoming a characteristic of my work. I use voice to conjure up images. This piece also looks at horoscopes in a satirical way.

In my work I always try to push the boundary between dance theatre and dance. I am very much dance theatre orientated but its the question of 'how much dance' can be put into a piece or 'why use dance' or most importantly: 'HOW do you use the dance without losing the integrity of the theatricality?. This is something that I am constantly trying to balance out and during the process of this piece I am experimenting with.

The music will be quite industrial but yet have contrasting interchanges. The dancers will speak on stage as well as voice being used within the soundtrack.

Choreographer: Sarah Blanc
Dancers: Jessie Brett, Linda Tabraham, Sarah Miller, Jessamin Landamore, Adam Kirkham