Martial Dance  Martial Dance is more than a dance company; it is a movement language that is born from the physical realities of the body rather than mentalities that divide society today. Integrating elements from formal dance techniques and social dance styles, with a variety of martial arts disciplines, Martial Dance is a movement democracy that embraces individuality and originality and the choreography never ceases to surprise and delight audiences.

Doesn’t just kick-ass, it boots pre-conceptions about what dance is off the radar
The Herald on Martial Dance (Fringe 07)

The Other


The Other explores a women’s struggle for equality and empowerment in the aftermath of World War Two. Inspired by Simone De Beauvoir’s revolutionary feminist text: The Second Sex (1949) we examine how the female is defined as ‘the other’ for she is regarded only by her difference to man. Through exquisite contemporary dance two dancers embark on an emotional journey in the search for an accommodation of love, identity and respect.  


The Other has recently been performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, performing alongside MYDC. 


Choreographers: Martin Robinson and Cat Casbon

Dancers: Martin Robinson and Cat Casbon 


Photos by Peter Hallam