Hagit Yakira  Hagit Yakira recently participated in Burgos-New York dance competition and came second place in the New Trend dance category.
She also took part in a choreographer show case at the Edinburgh fringe festival, where her dance piece, ‘Somewhere between a self and an other’ received very good reviews and was mentioned as one of the best works of the night.

Hagit is now performing with her new works around London, the UK and Israel.

Hagit is a dancer, a choreographer and a dance teacher currently working in London.
She graduated from the Music and Dance Academy in Jerusalem, Israel and the Laban Centre, London. She is also a qualified Dance Movement Therapist.

In recent years, after years of performing and teaching dance internationally, she has been developing her own choreographic work; creating unique dance theatre performances, working on solo works, on group works as well as collaborating with other dancers, musicians, designers, film makers and actors.


website: www.myspace.com/hagityakira



Leah's Eyes Were Soft


'Leah's Eyes Were Soft' is an expressive dance theatre performance that utilizes a unique, theatrical and technical movement vocabulary.

The predominantly vocal score was produced in close collaboration with a sound artist, thus creating intimacy, synchronicity, and a constant dialogue between dance and music.

The piece deals with femininity and its myths, inspired by the figure of Leah from the Bible (Jacob's unloved wife), a significant symbol of motherhood and femininity in Jewish culture. The performance expresses a journey of a woman- accepting her relationship with herself and her observers.  



Choreographer: Hagit Yakira
Dancers: Yarit Dor, Yonat Bitner, Annarita Mazzilli, Hagit Yakira

Sound artist: Portia Winters